Is Online assignment Helpful or Harmful: Why Online assignment is Good?

The famous online assignment assistance debateof “is online assignment helpful or harmful” is a debate which has been going on for many years. Different stakeholders, such as teachers, students, and parents differ on the issue of whether online assignment is beneficial or harmful’ is asked. The benefits and drawbacks of online assignment are certainly related. They are mostly based on the amount of time students have to devote and the difficulty level. Additionally, whether or not teachers should allow parents to help with online assignment. On the other side, students believe that it’s a waste of time that takes up their time. However teachers think that online assignment is important to help students learn. Do you think online assignment is beneficial or harmful? should therefore always have two sides.

Let’s take a look at is online assignment harmful or helpful and what you can do to help your online assignment become an easy task

Is Online assignment Helpful or Harmful: Why Online assignment is Good?

There are many reasons for educators and teachers to think that online assignment is beneficial to help students learn-

Learning reinforcement

This is especially the case for students who are younger. Many students are out of sight and out of mind. When they don’t have online assignment, the knowledge they acquire at school can be lost in the journey to home. Studentsin this circumstance, do not find the connections during the next class. Online assignmentis therefore used as a means to help strengthen the lessons learned in school.

Practice makes perfect

Because the speed of learning and ability of every student is different, the reason online assignment is important becomes evident. It allows students to learn and practice what they have learned in school. In this way, if they are experiencing the slightest doubt about a idea, they can work on it , and then return to their teacher about the issue they’re facing. This method helps students learn the concepts they are taught in school and achieve academic excellence.

Time management

While classes at school concentrate on the concept of clarity, online assignment is designed to aid students in formulating responses to questions within an appropriate time frame. This aids students in understanding the art of managing time. This is beneficial to students during exam times. Since they’ve already completed their work in answering questions, they’re able to complete their exam within the timeframe and also more efficiently.

Priority setting is the art of establishing priorities.

Life as a student is usually chaotic and a l

ack of prioritization. With a myriad of tasks that they must attend to students can’t determine the best order to complete each task. The task of online assignment will help students prioritize their work when they need to choose which assignments to complete first.

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Is Online assignment Helpful or Harmful: Why Online assignment is Bad for You?

If you take a look at the previous section it is possible that online assignment won the ‘is it beneficial or harmful debate. However, there’s another side to this. It means that there are disadvantages to doing online assignment, too. Let’s take a look at the other aspect of online assignment being detrimental or beneficial-

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Unnecessary stress

Based on a study of Stanford the results show that five-six percent of the students said the online assignment task was an source for the primary source of stress. In contrast only 1percent of students believed that online assignment didn’t cause stress for their lives. The stress caused by online assignment can have multiple reasons. First, students experience the pressure of completing their online assignment in time. In addition, they feel overwhelmed by the potential consequences of doing the online assignment incorrect.

Health issues

The direct result of stress resulting from online assignment can be seen in the form of health issues. Students who are required to do more work are often afflicted with health issues. Headaches, sleep deprivation fatigue, stomachaches, and so on. Although these health issues may appear minor at first however, they can cause chronic illness in the long time.

Life is a constant state of imbalance

The time spent working on their online assignment also blocks students from engaging in social life and mixing with peers and friends. In constant pursuit of online assignment, students find it difficult to interact with others in a healthy way, which causes problems with communication later in the course of their lives. In addition, because of online assignment, students find it difficult to participate in extracurricular activities. This is a hinderance of their overall development. As more and more careers are looking for well-rounded candidates, students with this kind of background could be put on the back burner.

Is Online assignment Helpful or Harmful: The Balancing Act

It’s certain that there are benefits of online assignment. This makes it appealing and can play a crucial part in helping students improve their scores. But, since they say, excessive amounts of anything is not good, this applies to online assignment as well. It is crucial to remember that students and teachers have to balance several factors for the highest efficiency.

The exact amount

If online assignment is to be truly beneficial and not turn into an overwhelming experience on students’ shoulders, the online assignment must be done in the most effective quantity. Although there isn’t a standard measure of the amount of online assignment should be greater or less however, there are certain guidelines which top teachers advise. For example, for a primary school student, the best online assignment should not last more than 20-25 mins. Middle school students should be able to finish the work in about 45 minutes. For high school students the duration will be contingent on the type of discipline that the student is pursuing, but it shouldn’t be longer than 1.5two hours.


While the amount of online assignment is a key indicator of whether online assignment is helpful or not, its compatibility with classroom instruction is crucial. This means that students are given online assignment in line with the syllabus used in class. Most of the time, teachers cover one subject in class, then assign the following topic for online assignment. But, the best approach is to offer practice questions for the first subject. The online assignment on a brand new subject is more stressful for students than normal and makes them hate the subject.

How do you complete your online assignment without Stress?

With the merging with education with technology, kids now receive instant help with online assignment. There are numerous educational technology platforms for online assignment which make life simpler for students. These platforms, such as TutorBin provide experienced tutors to assist students struggling in their assignments. They provide a range of advantages-

  • Reduce stressAs students get assistance and direction from these help websites for online assignment and reduce their stress. This is particularly relevant when students have little time and have a lot of work to complete.
  • Higher grades- A study conducted by Stanford shows that 33% of students are under the strain to achieve good grades, that negatively affect the physical and mental well-being. These platforms make sure that students get 100 percent correct answers using the correct approach. This means that students are capable of achieving higher grades and not suffer the burden of online assignment.

Key Takeaways

To conclude the question of “is online assignment beneficial or harmful online assignment question, there are some things to considerin order to be aware.

  • Online assignment is beneficial to students, especially in the form of short capsules
  • Online assignment helps reinforce learning and help students develop how to manage their time and write better
  • But, too much online assignment is harmful for students’ physical as well as mental wellbeing
  • It is an unending stressor that can result in extreme headaches, fatigue and insomnia
  • It is crucial to be able to balance the work to reap advantages
  • Students must be given online assignment according to the grade they are in as well as the discipline they choose to study.
  • The online assignment should be a repetition of the work that was taught in class, not something completely new.
  • Students can accessing to online help with online assignment platforms that allow them to seek help, and lessen their stress and get better grades

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